Experimental cinema or avant-garde cinema is a mode of filmmaking that rigorously re-evaluates cinematic conventions and explores non-narrative forms and alternatives to traditional narratives or methods of working.

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Screen Dance Music by Garreth Broke-“Flakes Unwatched and Improvised” Created & Performed by Carolyn Pampalone Rabbers January 13, 2019

The Quickening

The Quickening is a visual album spoken-word journey from the bottom of the sea all the way to the Pleiades Star Cluster. Featuring the poetry and performance of award-winning multi-hyphenate artist Rachel Kann, this is more than a film, it’s a ceremony.

Nothing to See

A visible girl in an invisible world.


In this silent film I visually and metaphorically explore the three distinct physical forms that matter can take: solid, liquid and gas. In nature one state can transform into another by the addition of a catalyst such as fire. Fire generates heat that changes ice into liquid. If heat is continuously applied, the liquid becomes… Read more »

Life On The Mississippi

A short essay film about a river and the limits of knowing it. Using Mark Twain’s “Life On The Mississippi” as a road map, Brown travels from Memphis, Tennessee to New Orleans and considers some strategies for rehearsing, abstracting, and encountering the Mississippi River.

I Don’t Know When the Armageddon Is

[Written by the maker’s father.] An aural and visual treat served up by the Puccini Family. Against the ethereal beauty and serenity of summer in upstate NY, the sparring and musings of a close-knit family group becomes a stream of collective consciousness ultimately morphing into the background sound of the Universe itself as voiced by… Read more »


Jeremy, in love with his best friend’s wife, Suzanna, struggles unable to fulfill his desire.


‘Founding’ envisions an industrial space where materials are animated by some invisible force and mysteriously possessed like disciplined performers on the factory floor.

E.very D.ay

A day inside the minds of two individuals living with active eating disorders. A queer man and Latina woman struggle with body image and the challenges of disordered eating in every day life. A look at how eating disorders can affect people of any race, gender, and orientation – and the far-reaching impact this condition… Read more »


How well do you really know a person? We are all familiar with the proverbs, “You cannot judge a book by its cover,” and, “Things are not always as they appear.” Humans are not black or white. We are all a mixture of light and shadow. The truth disappears into infinite gradations of grey. This… Read more »