lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender-related films. Films that deal with or feature significant LGBT characters or issues, and may have same-sex romance or relationships as an important plot device.

The English film title, original title, country of origin and production year are listed. Foreign-language films are subtitled in English.

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The Night It Rained

Lamont Lamar | United States | 00:12:48 | 2021 English After losing his scholarship, a queer college student makes a life-altering decision in his hopes to stay enrolled. Set in San Francisco, The Night It Rained depicts the experiences of a queer, college student named Malachi. He is determined to stay enrolled in his college’s… Read more »

Virginia, Forever

Daria Rountree | United States | 00:16:28 | 2021 English A woman mourns the mysterious disappearance of her wife. Cast Brit Landa Taylor Carr Writer Jordan Campbell Producers Daria Rountree Jordan Campbell

Men on Mars

Peter Sparling | United States | 00:02:53 | 2021 English Prompted by the landing of the Perseverance on Mars, I wrote a poem that reflected on the planetary explorations between two bodies. On a three-day binge, I created a series of 20 paintings that became frames of a moving video comic strip to accompany the… Read more »

Jesse James

Josef Steiff | United States | 00:19:58 | 2021 “Jesse James” traces the moments between a neighbor’s phone call and the arrival of the police, when Jesse and his lover test the boundaries of their relationship and come face to face not just with what they are losing but with what they have already lost… Read more »


Clinton Pernell Gasaway | United States | 00:04:06 | 2021 English Evan meets with his friend Princess and reveals he has finally about. To propose to his boyfriend. Cast Cam Cashaw Leah Harvey Writer Cam Cashaw Producers Clinton Pernell Gasaway Cam Cashaw

By the River

Agata Korycka | Poland | 00:35:00 | 2021 Polish Film “By the river” talks about the courage necessary to live a life in harmony with yourself. The main character, Kinga, falls in love with a woman, which is a challenge for her way of thinking about herself. As a policewoman, she works against orders to… Read more »

More of Something

Kevin Nettles | United States | 00:18:00 | 2021 English Two guys meet for a hook-up, but find there is something more, if you are open to it. Cast Andres Acosta Randy Bruce Writer Kevin J. Nettles Producer Kevin J. Nettles Composer Jeffery Hansell

Getting Closer

Ethan Roberts | United States | 00:06:16 | 2021 English Two stoned boyfriends navigate unexpected vulnerability (as well as the giggles) while attempting to get off. A micro-budget chamber piece, GETTING CLOSER utilizes the immediacy of iPhone cinematography to explore modern intimacy and what it takes to get there. Cast Emi Larraud Tristan Hanretty Writer… Read more »


Sam Flamont | Canada | 01:26:12 | 2021 English FINN is sent to prison for a crime of mercy. Inside the prison, Finn meets M, a young, charismatic prisoner and the two form an immediate bond. This restricted life grows complicated when Finn meets TONY, a violent, dangerous prisoner who, after a physical altercation between… Read more »

Ekaant (Solitude)

Swapnil Pagare | United States | 00:06:04 | 2020 Marathi ‘Manasi’ a poet and ‘Sudha’ a housewife are deeply in love with each other but the restrictions of the society has put chains around their relationship. Ekaant (Solitude) is expression of their secluded extramarital lesbian affair and poetic recital of first moment of closeness. Cast… Read more »