Laura Cappellesso | Italy | 00:42:38 | 2021

A powerful, carved and majestic body: an old ash tree stands out in a boundless landscape. A tiny female presence emerges and disappears in the distance. The wind sways the treetops and moves the body of Luana, who is gracefully and sinuously dancing on a grassland. As Luana does the wind and the air blow through open architectures and porous buildings, whose walls are penetrated by climbing arms, hands, ankles, legs. Humans, non-humans, things, the bodies merge.
Well-defined, geometrical and objective the microcosm inhabited by Marco, then, a world-fortress subject to his control, is shaken by the transformative power of new perspectives.
Actually all the living beings recognize each other in the sweet melody of a primordial Echo coming from a distance and being carried away by the wind, together with words and seeds.

Eliana Crestani
Marco Irrgang

Laura Cappellesso

Key Choreographers
Laura Colomban
Ariadne Mikou

Ric Bianco

Gianluca Mosole

Laura Cappellesso