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Dead Sunrise

Michal Imielski | Australia | 2016 | 1 h 23 m Facebook | Twitter A group of friends find a research lab in the woods only to unleash little evil children onto the world. Cast Barry French Cloe Fournier Corinne Marie Younan Damian Sommerlad Georgina Neville Peter Maple Roman Mellis Brooke Ryan

Let’s Talk About It!

Deepti Ghatge | United Kingdom | 2014 | 6 m The city is reeling under the strains of a struggling economy. An emergency meeting has been called between the major four services of London in order to decide which one receives the quarterly budgetary allocation. Starting out as it means to go on, the meeting… Read more »


Eddy Schwartz, Yordan Petkov | Bulgaria | 2014 | 16 m For a period of 29 years, more than 8 000 000 people spent their summer vacation at Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. About 3 million of them were Bulgarian citizens, and more than 5 000 000 – foreign tourists. This is the story of three of them. A… Read more »

Dirty Work

Dániel Füzes | Hungary | 2016 | 10 m Hungarian with English Subtitles Bar owner Józsi is in an unpleasant situation. Somebody caused a problem and now he needs a cleanup. Unfortunately, when he turns to his former prison mate and silent partner Badger for help, the two men have a misunderstanding. Badger sends a hitman to… Read more »


Charlotte Zweers | Belgium | 2015 | 16 Ingmar, an artist, is directing a photoshoot. His model canceled at the last minute, and he is not happy with the model who replaces her, Astrid. As always, he drugs his model in order to obtain a better artistic connection with her. His recurring home cleaning services were done… Read more »

Grumpy Old Skaters {Inte Helt 100}

Klas Hjertberg | Sweden | 2015 | 57 m Facebook 2 dudes have known each other for 35 years. Their lives and friendship has circulated around skateboarding. At the age of 50 while still searching for new spots to sk8 old stuff from the past surfaces and threatens their friendship. Will it survive?

Sierra Leone From War to Peace

Terry Leary, George Lewis | United States | 2016 | 30 m This is a story of former Children Soldiers and how the country of Sierra Leone worked to save the children and reintegrate them into society after horrible atrocities.

The Unnamed

Tauquir Ahmed | Bangladesh | 2016 | 92 m A young girl, Beauty, wants to get a job in a Middle Eastern country which will launch her in life and seeks the help of Ramjan, a manpower agent. Ramjan plans to do so in exchange of sexual favours but is disappointed when he finds a… Read more »

I Went France, Cannes

Zanyar Azizi | Iran | 2016 | 51 m The film is about an Iranian filmmaker, Who has been invited to France for a festival. He is trying to being supported by the Government to go to this festival. But he can not be successful. He can provide his travel expense, difficulty. last day, He… Read more »

What Grows out of Pink

Sunniva Eir Tangvik Kveum | Norway | 2015 | 9 m Moa do not fit into any of her friends clothes, they are to big. Her friends convince her that she has anorexia. Moa has never gotten so much attention, compliments and confirmation before and begin to enjoy the new illness. Perhaps anorexia be a… Read more »