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A Rude Awakening

Karen Withem | United States | 2015 | 6 m A Rude Awakening is a comedy-mystery about a young woman who gets a bump on the head and thinks her doctor is trying to steal her identity. Cast Hannah Elsie Chapman Tracey Coppedge Michael Howard Per Filmmaker’s Request, This Film is No Longer Available for Screening…. Read more »

After Rachel

Josh Litman | United States | 2014 | 18 m A recently widowed man attempts to hide the reality of his wife’s death from his hostile, Alzheimer’s-ridden father-in-law. Cast Solomon Shiv William Mahoney Paul Walling


Angela Wold | United States | 2015 | 26 Facebook Telfer thought he had everything he wanted as a contract hit man. When a routine job lands him face-to-face with a figure of his past, he is forced to make a choice. Deception, truth, motives, and choices race against time as the lives of characters… Read more »

The Man Who Walked Too Far

Peter Bluck | United Kingdom | 2015 | 47 m Facebook After taking early retirement from a career in advertising, Jonathan Cunningham recently separated, decides to embark on a walking holiday. A chance visit to a local emporium and the purchase of a walking stick initiates a chain of strange and unexplained occurrences and leads Jonathan… Read more »

(Little) Red Riding Hood

Stéphane Guenin, Daniel Jenny | United States | 2015 | 4 m Facebook Once upon a time, there was a little girl, the most beautiful little girl one could ever see, who lived in a town near the forest and everyone called her Little Red Riding Hood. As she was going to visit her grandmother who was… Read more »

Audre Lorde: The Berlin Years 1984-1992

Dagmar Schultz | Germany | 2012 | 1 h 24 m German with English Subtitles Facebook Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years 1984 to 1992 brings to light a little-known chapter of the writer’s prolific life, a period in which she helped ignite the Afro-German Movement and made lasting contributions to the German political and cultural… Read more »

The Decision

Mike Scalisi | United States | 2015 | 12 m If you could change one decision you’ve made in your life and things would be as if you had taken a different path, what decision would you change? Cast Jason Bowen Leia Thompson Marc Sotkin Viewing Instructions

I Am Listening

Curtis Speck | United States | 2015 | 25 m The dance film is based on two diaries-Anne Frank in Amsterdam and Regina Shelton in Eastern Germany during WWII. Cast Sofia Barchuk Lora D’Emilio Minghao Zhao Viewing Instructions

Awesome Runaway!!

Benjamin De Los Santos | New Caledonia | 2015 | 7 m French with English Subtitles Facebook Before escaping an intense interrogation, James gets drugged. Now, nothing can stop him… Nearly nothing!! Cast Benjamin De Los Santos

Donald’s Mom

Elyse Ostrow | United States | 2015 | 8 m Facebook A short comedy about a young nerd named Donald, who struggles to deal with the constant torment of his peers, until he meets a hefty hooker named Maureen. Cast Seanan Ellis Lauren Langley Felicia Wilkins Tyler Warrington