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Round Trip

Loren Trabelsi | Israel| 2017 | 6:00 Hebrew with English Subtitles A young girl becomes compromised after she accepts kindness from a stranger on a bus. Cast May Azulay Writer Loren Trabelsi Producer Hillel Rate


Documentary film about the chief bell ringer of the cathedral church of the Vladimir icon of the Mother of God in Saint-Petersburg. He is gilding restorer by profession but he is bell ringer in spirit. So, he found his second profession on the bell tower. This film also about his students, bells, ringing and gospel’s… Read more »

Rodrigo Herrmann – Life and Works

Elisa Herrmann | Brazil | 2016 | 17 m Portuguese with English Subtitles Facebook The documentary “Rodrigo Herrmann – Life and Works” reveals the short but extraordinary life of Brazilian composer, organist, and choirmaster, Maestro Rodrigo Herrmann. Family interviews and photographs shine a light on his life, and recordings share the inspiring legacy of his… Read more »

Uhm How to Say

Michele  Grimaud | France | 2016 | 10 m 12 s French with English Subtitles When parents must address questions about sex with their kids, everything becomes very complex and it’s every man for himself!

The Bate

Jeanne Pépin-Michel | Canada | 2016 | 2:43 Facebook Leo sees his day of hunting deranged by a mysterious man. Animation Christopher Carletti Writer Benoit Mineau


Gaby Dixon, Ashlyn Hughes | United States | 2018 | 10:38 Darby, a queer woman fresh out of rehab for alcohol abuse and unwilling to take life seriously, is assigned to a women’s outpatient therapy group where she finds herself among a quirky, diverse group of women whose evolving relationships with each other help. And… Read more »


Saray Deiseil | United States | 2018 | 13:20 Facebook Set in a fast paced world where millions of helpless single Angelenos turn to online dating apps and blind date setups to find their perfect match, we meet BEN and EVIE both approaching their mid-thirties, in a love crisis, and cosmically entangled. Cast Michelle Lukes… Read more »

Traces of Memory

Jody Jaress | United States | 2014 | 14:17 Website | Facebook PHOEBE, middle-aged, bawdy, crass, and defensive, hitching rides from anyone going anywhere, is now stranded on a desert highway in the pounding sun. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, she encounters RUTH, a cunning intruder whose very presence threatens Phoebe’s existence and sense of… Read more »


Marielle V Jakobsons | United States | 2015 | 15 m Facebook | Twitter Recognition for Prepared Piano, Sine Waves, and Macro-Cymatic Instrument There is a connection between the surface of our skin and water in the cells of our bodies, and it is vibrating. “Recognition” invites you to experience a unified scale of sensation,… Read more »

What Is Your Brown Number?

Vinnie Ann Bose | India | 2016 | 4:31 The film talks about how in India everyone wants to be light-skinned, and how there is a sense of idealism and beauty associated with fair skin, whereas it is negativity and repulsion that is associated with dark skin. Producer Nilima Eriyat